LES –Laundry Exhaust System

The Laundry Exhaust System (LES) is designed for commercial dryer systems and automatically modulates the fan speed to maintain constant negative pressure in the exhaust system.

ACSP – Active Compensated Stairwell Pressurization Systems

The Active Compensated Stairwell Pressurizations System (ACSP) utilizes the L864 controller to maintain a positive pressure in a stairwell. This system saves lives by preventing the spread of smoke in high rise buildings in the event of a fire.

PSS–Prefabricated Shaft System

The Prefabricated Shaft System( PSS) is a factory-built duct system designed to be used for multi-story exhaust systems available with a UL listed 2-hour fire rating.

Introducing LaundryFab (a division of RM Manifold Group), a brand focusing on the needs of the laundry industry focusing on exhaust and combustion air products. All LaundryFab products are assembled in Fort Worth, TX. LaundryFab can provide everything from draft fans, combustion air fans, controls, lint collectors and exhaust shafts. LaundryFab is the only source you need for your laundry room, just add the dryers!

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