RIS – Room Isolation System

The Room Isolation System (RIS) Utilizes the VRX-M controller to monitor or maintain the negative pressure in an isolated room or area to prevent contaminated or infected air from escaping.  Room Isolating Systems are one of the most effective ways to prevent an infection from spreading.  Maintaining a slight negative pressure in the room, ensures that air is drawn into the room when a door is opened, thus preventing the contaminated air from escaping through doors or other openings.

The VRX-M controller features an integrated bi-directional transducer that reads pressures accurately to 0.001″ wc, making it ideal for isolation rooms for patients with highly infectious diseases. The simple LCD display gives real-time pressure readings along with a color backlight to make it clear to everyone the status of the room. If the control’s pressure is within acceptable limits, it will show a green backlight. If for some reason, the controller does read outside these limits, it the backlight turns red. It also has a contact that can enable an external light or buzzer. This means anyone within sight of the control knows if the space is safe for use.

LFSystems can complete your system with a supply and/or exhaust air fan. With different sizes and styles, our Applications Engineers can select the perfect fan to provide a complete Room Isolation System.


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